Comics Clock Tower


The Lakes International Comic Art Festival will put a spotlight for one fantastic weekend on the brilliance, diversity and quirkiness of comic art.  One of the ways we will be doing this is in the Comics Clock Tower, which will be our version of a comics marketplace and artists’ alley. This is your chance to meet creators, see them sketch, get work signed as well as buy books, prints and more. Some work will be available for the first time at the festival.

This will not be like the traditional marketplaces that people are used to at comic conventions.  For one thing the venue is relatively small so we have had to make choices and limit the number of creators and stalls we can offer to our audiences. We’ll be aiming to feed the hunger of existing comic art fans of all genres whilst, we hope, appealing to a curious, new audience eager to find out more. There’ll be a mix of retailers, publishers (large and small) and creators and more. We’ll be showcasing both established and emerging talent drawn from across the UK, Europe and further afield with a healthy contingent from Cumbria, the North West and greater North of England too.

Most of our international guests who feature in the main events programme will also be appearing in the Comics Clock Tower over the weekend to sign and sketch and meet their fans.

Remember there is plenty of free activity in the festival and the Comics Clock Tower will also be free in 2014.



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