Beatrice Mossman

Beatrice Mossman is one of Broken Frontier’s ‘Six to Watch’ comic-creators for 2022.

Taking inspiration from fairy-tales and folklore, her comics work often explores the liminal horror of teenage girlhood, where themes of the feminine uncanny and abjection emerge.

Beatrice’s mini-comic collection ‘Daddy #1’ is about her experience coming-of-age without her father (who died before she was born). It takes inspiration from the Victorian Cult of the Dead and the Victorian language of flowers.

The book is split into three sections: forget-me-not (forgetting), lily (innocence), and hyacinth (regret). The comics in each section correspond to the floral theme.

‘Daddy #1’ was named “one of the finest pieces of autobiography comics I have ever reviewed” by Andy Oliver from the comics magazine ‘Broken Frontier’.

It was also nominated by ‘Broken Frontier’ for ‘Best New Periodical Series’ in 2021.

Beatrice enjoys experimenting with the comics medium and the tacility of the book.

Her comics can often only exist in physical form.

For example, she enjoys creating comics in unsual shapes (the coffin-shaped ‘Daddy #1’ and the square horror comic ‘I’m Not Your F**king Scream Queen’), and using cut-outs in her work (for instance, her coming-of-age horror comic ‘The Lure of the Flesh’ and the latest issue of ‘Hell-hued’ horror zine).

As well as her personal comics work, Beatrice currently edits ‘Hell-hued’, an open submissions horror zine where each issue is inspired by a specific colour.

The zine consists of comics, illustration, stories, and poetry.

The first two issues of the zine - ‘The Carmine Issue’ and ‘The Periwinkle Issue’ - are out now.

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