Brighton is blessed with a thriving comics scene: it’s home to more than its fair share of creators, both indie and professional.

Now a bunch of them have come together to form the Bungaroosh collective, named after the notoriously eccentric yet strangely reliable material from which many of the city’s houses are constructed.

Bungaroosh brings together acclaimed graphic novelists, small press stalwarts, zine creators and self publishers.

Among the ranks are Hannah Eaton (Naming Monsters, Blackwood), Hannah Berry (ex-Comics Laureate and author of Adamtine, Livestock), Zara Slattery (Coma), Michi Mathias (DIY Vegan Cooking), Myfanwy Tristram (Draw the Line, Sorry For The Inconvenience) and Simon Russell (The Marriage of Nord & Skadi).

As every Brighton resident knows, when you start chipping into bungaroosh, you often find some very random stuff: maybe an old boot here, a packet of smokes there - whatever was at hand to add to the mix.

It’s a right old pot-pourri of materials, but somehow it holds together.

And that’s kind of how it is with our comics, too: once you dig in, you never know what you’ll find.

Some of it might astound you, some of it might inspire you, and some of it might give you a fright… but one way or another, you can be sure that these comics are more than the sum of their surprising parts.

Bungaroosh Online

Web: bungarooshcomics.wordpress.com
Twitter: @BungarooshComix