Catfood Comics

Catfood Comics was a pioneering, early comic-book publisher whose titles included Catfood Confidential and Everything's Jake!

Their most successful character, Silverbeard the Simian Swordsman, appeared in 1967 and battled his way through various books until the company's demise in the mid 90s.

Unfortunately, due to sub-standard paper and terrible production values no copies have survived to the modern day.

Until now!

Using his long cherished memories of favourite adventures and the recollections of surviving staff & fans, Pete Taylor is recreating the biggest, boldest and strangest tales from Catfood Comic's calamitous history!

Aided by Mark Hughes and Jordan Thomas, Pete is on a mission to re-introduce the riotous mix of brawlers and behemoths that make up the Catfood Comics Constellation, including heroes such as Squid Eye, Celia Phate, Ape With a Badge and Roxy Botkicker.

Their flagship title is, of course, ‘The Seven Sagas of Silverbeard’ an oversized 44 page sword & sorcery comic magazine starring the Simian Swashbuckler, with issue 2 launching at LICAF 2022.

Pete is also a member of the arcane art cult known as the SkrawlLordz, authors of the acclaimed SKRAWL, a 112 page over sized tome chock full of sequential wizardry.

Pete has previously exhibited at the festival as This Man, This Pete! and designed the logo for the Lakes Comic Art Festival’s podcast where he contributes to episodes with incessant comic-based yakking.

The rest of the time, Pete is a graphic designer/Illustrator.

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