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Cardiff-based Arts in Health charity Re-Live are launching a new comic called Coming Home; a Life Story anthology comic created with U.K. military veterans.

Coming Home allows participants to explore their mental health through a process of comics making.

The Coming Home anthology presents true stories of military service and the often complex transition to civilian life.

Re-Live’s Life Story methodology invites each veteran to develop a story they want to tell, and work with a professional cartoonist to realise it as a finished comic.

The process of adapting traumatic stories into comics has been a powerful therapeutic process for our veterans.

They are proudly launching the first issue of Coming Home in 2022!

Ian Kennedy has painted us a beautiful double-spread cover. It is also sadly the last piece of work he completed.

Coming Home - Re-Live artists include Keith Page (Commando), Mike Donaldson (The Dandy, The Broons), and Clark Bint (Heavy Metal). Richard Starkings has created the Coming Home logo.

The Coming Home - Re-Live stall will have Issue 1 of Coming Home, supported by prints and postcards of artwork and characters from Issue 1, badges of the characters and logo, along with displays of the pencils and original artwork.

They are hoping to have prints made of Ian Kennedy’s beautiful cover. He passionately supported the idea of allowing military veterans to speak for themselves through the comics medium.

It seems fitting that his last work was working with a veterans mental health project.

Several of the veterans in the Coming Home comics group are hoping to attend the festival in support of the comic, and discuss the process of adapting their stories into a comic.

Re-Live work with social groups whose stories are not normally heard; older people, people living with dementia, people living with a terminal diagnosis, and military veterans.

Re-Live help turn their life stories into powerful art and share it with audiences.

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