J Webster Sharp

J Webster Sharp is a comics creator from Yorkshire.

After a 10 year hiatus from comics where after University when she painted portraits and made textile sculpture, she has returned to comics as a full time job and primary/only source of income.

She draws in the pointillist style, creating stories founded in unreality. Silent works whose starting points are planned imagery, then working panel to panel, making the choice of a subject matter and interpreting using fantastical imagery.

Since making comics again in May 2021, after quitting her job as a vaccinator, she has produced five comics:

- Issue numbers 1 and 2 of FONDANT, each containing 3 separate stories, which are published every 3 months
- JADE AND HER SCHIZOPHERENIA - which she illustrated and was written by her sister about Paranoid Schizophrenia
- SEA WIDOW - an autobiographical comic about her husband dying and the grief and aftermath
- PRETTY FLAVOURS - a single issue story detailing the otherworldly and brutal home life of a brother and sister

Since August 2021, she has been reviewed twice in The Comics Journal and the comics critic RJ Casey included her in his Top Ten Comics of 2021 list in The Comics Journal.

The cartoonist Simon Hanselmann, being interviewed on the podcast Gutter Boys (EP 65 13/12/21) when asked who is someone to watch in comics, mentioned her as one of the three cartoonists to watch.

Her work will be featured in three anthologies before the summer 2022.

J Webster Sharp Online

Web: www.jwebstersharp.com
Instagram: @j_webster_sharp