Sula Hancock

Sula is an artist living in the Lake District, who spends a lot of time messing about in woods, caves, lakes and fluffy bubble baths.

A love of muddy nature and colourful fantasy lands led to the creation of Floralumpi, a land full of colourful flora and fauna, where inhabitants refer to themselves as ‘Land Lumps’, clouds go to raining training school, and there is always a hamster around to take an interest in what you are up to and help you eat your biscuits!

Sula started out as as a sculptor, making installations of fantasy lands to explore how weird it is to be alive, before transitioning into illustration and very short, teeny tiny comics.

Her favourite comic artist is Hergé and her favourite fantasy worlds are Discworld, Moomin Valley and Summer Camp Island.

Sula's long time, most favourite colour (and mood lifter) is pink!

Sula Hancock Online

Instagram: @sulahancock / @the_land_lumps
Facebook: @sulahancockartist / @Thelandlumps
TikTok: @sula_hancock