Ben Cullis

Ben Cullis, aka Ben K Sy, is a comic editor and part-time Graphic Design teacher from Lincolnshire.

Together with a widespread group of fans and creative artists, Ben has built a global online community of comic enthusiasts over many years, hosting interviews, writing reviews, running competitions and moderating forums for the exchange of information about all forms of published graphic art.

Out of this community grew the idea to create an anthology as an homage to the best of comic artwork through the decades.

From concept to reality has only taken Ben nine months, but the planning has taken many hours of working through proposals for content and then commissioning some of the best graphic artists in the world, laying out the pages and organising the printing and distribution.

“As an anthology, The 77 contains a blend of sci-fi stories, war-based strips and romantic fiction, as well as fantasy and straight-up comic funnies, and running alongside the comic there are social media platforms. So readers can meet up with us online, speak to the creators and even pitch a storyline to me."

- Ben Cullis talking about The 77

Ben Cullis Online

Twitter: @bencullis
Twitter: @77Comic
Instagram: @the77comic