Inko Ai Takita

Inko is a UK-based Japanese manga artist.

Her visual works often imply crossovers of modern & traditional Eastern and Western cultures, which comes from her studies at Kyoto Zokei University of Art & Design in Japan, and Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in the UK, before she kicked off her career as a manga & comic artist.

She has worked with Kyoto Newspaper, Letraset, Transport For London, British Museum, V&A Museum, Sony Entertainment Japan, and Guardian children’s book.

Her manga adaptation of Midsummer Night’s Dream was one of the finalists on 1st  (2017) and runner-ups on 2nd (2018) International Graphic Shakespeare Competition.

Her work is featured in ‘Inking Woman: 250 Years of Women and Comic Artists in Britain' (2018).

Inko Ai Takita Online

Twitter: @yokkoishoichi
Instagram: @inko_dokotei