Steven Appleby

Steven Appleby is the absurdist creator of comic strips for many newspapers, including The Guardian, The Observer, The Times and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

His other works include animated television series Captain Star; the musical play Crocs In Frocks; over 25 books, including Normal Sex and Miserable Families; the BBC Radio 4 series, Steven Appleby’s Normal Life, as well as paintings and drawings for numerous exhibitions.

His artwork and murals illuminate the Royal Brompton Hospital’s Centre for Sleep and Room 9a of the Carlton Arms Hotel, New York. He contributed drawings to the sleeve of Pixies album Tromp Le Monde and illustrated The Good Inn, by Black Francis & Josh Frank.

His first graphic novel, DRAGMAN, will be published by Jonathan Cape on 12 March this year.

DRAGMAN is a 336 page graphic novel set in a version of London sometime in the past… or maybe in the future. Whenever it was that a man named August Crimp lived there… A man who can fly when he puts on women’s clothes.

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'Visit the Lakes of the Imagination' postcard by Steven Appleby for LICAF 2015