The Viz Fartificial Intelligence Algorithm

Sunday, 1 October, 2023 - 12:15
Artificial Intelligence machines are set to take over the world.

Sunday 1 October
Comic Book Central

In a dystopian future, nobody - whatever job they do - will be safe from the inexorable march of these emotionless electromechanical brains; not even comic artists, who will join everyone else in the dole queue as their creativity is broken down into meaningless strings of binary digits by insentient, soulless robots.

It is these machines that will produce the comics and graphic novels of tomorrow.

The guest list for LICAF 2024 will almost certainly feature just a string of mindless autons and Steve McGarry.

But not if Viz Comic has anything to do with it. Because this year, we’re taking on these so-called ‘thinking’ machines to show that anything they can do, we can do better. Cartoonists Graham Dury and Simon Thorp will be live drawing anything the audience plug into the Viz Fartificial Intelligence Machine.

So if you want to see a picture of Finbarr Saunders on a skateboard eating some cheese, or Biffa Bacon in a kangaroo’s pouch on the moon, then come along. As usual, there will be a free Cheap Viz Pen for every audience member who stays awake to the end of the show - a nice human gesture. Something you would never get from a robot.

There is no request too difficult that the Viz Fartificial Intelligence Algorithm cannot deal with it, so come along and input your request and watch it get created on paper before your very eyes. Although please do not input the word ‘bike’. They can’t draw bikes. Or the back legs of horses.