Abi Kerner

Abi Kerner is 14 years old and produces comic artwork using a variety of media including marker, brush pen, watercolour and collage.

Abi spent a few hours at the Comics Clock Tower in 2017 on the Young Artists table selling limited edition postcards, prints of her work and personalised sketches for customers at her table.

Money made from the sketches was donated to the festival charity OCD Action. Over the next 18 months she will be fundraising for a World Challenge trip she is undertaking to Northern India to partake in community projects.

At the festival this year, Abi is planning to produce more artwork and comic related fashion accessories to sell at the CCT to go towards her fundraising.

She is also looking to create a book, if she can afford to, of Indian recipes that she would like to illustrate with new comic creations.

Abi is also looking to work on a project relating to her experience in India, this could be pre or post trip, but she is looking to utilize her comic art in this project.

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