Alice Davies Illustration

Alice Davies is a freelance illustrator creating sequential narratives and comics which her crazy characters can inhabit.

Alice has sold at several local arts fairs in her area, will be selling at the 2019 London Film and Comic convention and has completed several commissions of various sizes ranging from tattoo designs, personal portraits and designing and illustrating an entire book for the charity Wild Young Parents project.

She specialises in comics but also enjoys creating zines, figurines, posters and animations to further explore the characters and places she's designed.

At conventions she sells risograph prints, short comics, badges, digital prints, stickers and often has a few handmade clay figures.

The latest project she has been working on is starting up an ongoing web comic focusing on the mysterious disappearance of a young girl at a swimming pool that perhaps has some underlying fantastical elements that will unfold.

Alice Davies Illustration Online

Twitter: @alicedaviesillo
Instagram: @mysticbat