Arctic Ring Comics

Leslie MacKenzie works in her own areas of interest writing and preparing material for books, films and comics.

In 1984 Leslie started working in animation and in 1988 she founded West Highland Animation, producing and directing many studio and community-made prizewinning Scots Gaelic animation films until 2010.

Please visit and to see these films.

In 2008 she founded the publishing company DnaC which has published various Gaelic illustrated children’s books with the support of the Gaelic Books Council.

In 2009 DnaC started producing graphic novels based on Arctic cultures. The first two titles were published in both Scots Gaelic and English.

These are: Stop the Snowstorm - “Two bungling shamans and their ermine spirit helper set out in a magic drum boat to save the Chukchi people from an unending snowstorm” - and The Titmouse Hero - “who sets out to save the world for us all” - from the Niamh peoples of Eastern Siberia, illustrated by talented artist Shona Shirley Macdonald.

A third title, ClanRiverWar, illustrated in a freer handmade style by Swiss artist Cecile de Brun, tells the story of a how a shaman, working on different levels of reality, saved his Evenki clan from annihilation.

The fourth title, the Bear Girl, is illustrated by talented young Finnish artist Sara Valta. This tells the story of how the daughter of the high God of the Mansi, Western Siberia, came down from heaven to save us all.

The fifth, and recently completed title in the Series, is: To the Pole Star and Beyond - superbly illustrated by Russian artist Nicolay Pisarev in a uniquely dark and moody style. This graphic novel tells the story of a young Evenki who finally realizes his dream of travelling to the other world that lies beyond the Pole Star.

The Titmouse Hero and To the Pole Star and Beyond have both been translated into Russian and will be launched at the St Petersburg Comic Festival - Boomfest later this year.

Recently Leslie's attention has been drawn to the ‘Zomia’ area of tribal peoples in NE India.

An animation film ‘The Spirit Stone’ is currently in production.


Twitter: @lesmmac