Arctic Ring Comics

Leslie MacKenzie works in her own areas of interest writing and preparing material for books, films and comics.

Leslie has been working in graphics, music and story since 1977 when I co-authored The Book of Am with husband Juan Arkotxa. A second joint work The Book of Intxixu was published (in Spanish and Basque) in 1983. These stunning books combine etchings, line drawings, story and songs with original music. They have recently both been re-mixed by talented Belgian musician Will Z and will both be available at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival 2017. The Book of Am as an illustrated book with CDs (published in Greece) and the Book of Intxixu is a double album with inside booklet. Leslie also supports younger people either to illustrate my material or to publish their own.

In 1984 she started working in animation and in 1988 founded West Highland Animation and produced and directed many prizewinning Scots Gaelic animation films until 2010. You can see these films on the web links below.

In 2008 she founded the publishing company DnaC which has published various Gaelic illustrated children’s books with the support of the Gaelic Books Council and since 2012 DnaC has been producing Graphic Novels based on Arctic cultures. The first two were originally published in Gaelic and illustrated by Scots Artist Shona Shirley Macdonald. They are now available in English.

Stop the Snowstorm - “Deep in Siberia two bungling shamans and their ermine spirit helper set out in a magic drum boat to save the Chukchi people from an unending snowstorm.”

The Titmouse Hero - “who sets out to save the world for us all”

ClanRiverWar, 2016 - illustrated in a freer hand-coloured style by Swiss artist Cecile de Brun, tells the story of a shaman’s dramatic (and ultimately successful) superhuman effort to save his clan from annilation.

The Bear Girl, 2017 - illustrated by Sara Sade Valta is the latest comic and tells the story of the daughter of the Highest God in Heaven who saw Earth through the clouds and loved it so much she just HAD to come down.

Leslie will be bringing copies of the newly released Western Isles comic book “KATY EGG AND THE ISLAND OF LEGENDS” to LICAF 2017.


Twitter: @lesmmac