Bastard Galaxia

Bastard Galaxia is the story of one of the greatest space villains of the 1980s as he straddles the line between being evil and marketable after selling his likeness to a toy manufacturer.

The comic creators for Bastard Galaxia are:

Steve Gregson (Artist - Co Writer), a professional animator with over 10 years of experience and still a big fan of all the junk he grew up with, and Matt Simmons (Layout and design - Co Writer), indie comic creator of the Kickstarter success ‘Future Egg’ and an expert on all things ‘Saturday Morning Cartoon’.

Bastard Galaxia has been a labour of love, and whilst the comic is a lighthearted sci-fi story set in the 80’s, it has some very important values...

Cast Diversity:

We have made sure that our cast of characters are diverse, with characters of varying races and sexualities, while making sure that we never resort to stereotyping.

High Standards:

Bastard Galaxia was successfully kickstarted for a physical run of comics, even when its whole story can be read online for free. We believe this is a testament to the high standards we reach for.

Story and Character Development:

Even though the comic is light hearted and comical, we make sure we have an interesting branching story narrative with characters that build and develop because of their actions! A huge story arc is developing underneath all the current actions, and at the end of our 3rd chapter we are just getting started!

Labour of love:

Bastard Galaxia is a love letter to all the toys and cartoons we grew up with. It’s also secretly a story about our childhood where toys and cartoons were all that mattered to us!

Steve Gregson and Matt Simmons made the characters self-aware of the situation, and decided to explore what it would be like working under the pressure of a huge corporation whilst trying to be evil, and not letting your crew know you’ve sold out.

They are both extremely passionate about comics and this festival (they've attended for years!) and are very happy to be exhibiting as creators this year!

Bastard Galaxia Online

Twitter: @BastardGalaxia @RoboticSteve @SheriffFreak