Chris Askham

Chris Askham has been collaborating in small press comics since the early 1990s, contributing to numerous titles and anthologies.

His main body of work during this time was the strip zine Sin, written by Dan Powell, following the wayward adventures of a demon exiled from hell.

Having graduated from university at the end of the millenium, he continued to work in the small press throughout the 2000s.

He contributed artwork to the likes of FutureQuake and Omnivistascope as well as producing his own self-written comic, Doctor Sponge, a story of mental health in a post-apocalyptic nightmare.

Since 2016 he has been a familiar face on the UK convention scene, selling a variety of self-made comics, graphic novels, prints and original artwork.

In 2015, he collaborated with Martin Hayes (writer) and Bram Meehan (letterer/designer) on the full-length graphic novel Abominable Glory, a blood and guts mash-up of WW2 and yetis, published by Markosia. The book comprises of a complete 60 page comic strip, plus bonus features.

Abominable Glory can be purchased direct from Markosia or various online retailers including Amazon.

Initially created as a webcomic throughout 2016/17, he self-published a print edition of U’Grot in late 2017 after a very successful Kickstarter campaign.

U’Grot is the story of a young girl’s relationship with an alien tentacled creature is an atmospheric story for all ages, running to around 60 pages.

Older Than The Hills was originally published digitally by David Lloyd’s Aces Weekly in 2016, and showcased the talents of Hayes, Meehan and Askham once again.

New for 2019, Older Than The Hills has been self-published as a physical print comic book, featuring many extras previously not available in the original Aces Weekly run.

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Twitter: @chrisaskham