Chris Askham

Chris Askham first began working on small press comics in the early 1990s, collaborating on a number of comics and fanzines in the era of photocopied pages and staple guns.

The titles he worked on are far too many to mention here, but most notably was the comic Sin (written by Dan Powell) which followed the adventures of a wayward demon and ran to seven whole issues.

Moving out of the ‘90s and into a new millennium, Chris used the resources of his day job at Office World to put together comics of his own. Ally & The Big Man was a one-off story of a girl and her oversized imaginary friend, and Doctor Sponge was the tale of a psychotic doctor in a post-apocalyptic lunatic asylum which lasted 3 issues.

Shortly after this, Chris also worked on the 2000 AD fanzines Zarjaz, Dogbreath and Futurequake, and the science fiction anthology Omnivistascope, producing various strips for a number of talented writers.

In 2013, Chris began work on his biggest project to date – the graphic novel Abominable Glory (written by Martin Hayes). The book took a good year and a half to complete (and quite possibly a good chunk longer than that), and was published in 2015 by Markosia.

After completing Abominable Glory the team again reformed (including letterer/designer Bram Meehan) to create the strip Older Than The Hills for David Lloyd’s digital anthology Aces Weekly.

Older Than The Hills ran to 23 pages, and was the first strip that Chris ventured into the world of colour comics.

U’Grot began life as a webcomic in 2016, roughly produced at a rate of one page a week. The story took over a year and a half to produce, and upon completion (and a successful Kickstarter campaign) a print edition was produced in 2017.

Chris has also illustrated numerous childrens books for Ransom and Bloomsbury.

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