Comics Youth CIC

Comics Youth is the first non-profit of its kind within the UK and provides holistic comics-based literacy and well-being projects for children and young people aged 8-25 within the Liverpool City Region.

The organisation is unique and run by young people under 30 with the same lived experiences as our young people including histories of mental ill-health, marginalization, abuse and disabilities.

Our mission is to provide young people with the tools and opportunity to speak truth to power through creating, making and publishing their own comic books about salient community issues.

Furthermore, Comics Youth aims to improve literacy and visual literacy within communities by reading, analysing, and discussing comic books in a group context; we also aim to improve self-confidence, development, and social and emotional wellbeing by providing an outlet for supervised yet autonomous self-expression through the creation of comics and zines.

Our trained illustrators also support young people to bring to life their own narratives as a form of self-expression.

Comics Youth empower marginalized and vulnerable beneficiaries by providing an outlet wherein young people are given materials, advice and support, and are encouraged to create zines and comics that explore topics that are relevant and significant to the themselves and their communities; groups discussions of salient issues also help to inform the creative content of the comic books and zines.

Facilitator-led creative workshops provide advice, guidance and support for the young people, and help to equip them with the skills and materials needed to communicate their narratives.

Sessions additionally feature an element of bibliotherapy, allowing young people to empathize and identify with characters and situations in comics and graphic novels which may otherwise have been unavailable to them through libraries, economic position, or other means.

Comics Youth also develop young people’s literacy and visual literacy skills as reading comics can improve young people’s ability to decode text while also improving their ability to infer meaning and make logical connections; shared reading and discussions of the comics further develops these skills and provides social opportunities for young people to voice their opinions and improve their self-confidence.

Comics Youth CIC is funded by BBC Children in Need, the Big Lottery Foundation and the Rank Foundation.

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