C.P. Thompson

Clare Thompson is a painter and illustrator who is always looking for ways to make images and designs that are visually interesting and engaging.

Clare grew up in Liverpool and studied Illustration in Manchester, North England. She believes this may have influenced her visual preferences for industrial and urban subject matter. Clare finds this especially interesting when combined with natural patterns and biological or human forms. Though her work is primarily figurative, she likes to experiment with texture, surface, structure, composition and repetition.

Clare is currently developing her creative practice through ongoing sequential art projects, the first of which was an independent graphic novel titled Stormcaller, that she and writer Paul Thompson published in late 2017. The printing of the book was funded through Kickstarter where the project received great support.

She is continually experimenting with drawing and painting techniques and ideas with the goal of building on her personal visual language and improving her ability to convey ideas effectively. She decided to document and share parts of her personal creative process in the form of a printed journal titled “Paint”.

Alongside her personal work Clare has also created artwork for various clients including Selfridges and Barbour.

C.P. Thompson Online

Web: www.clarethompsonart.com