Drew Marr

Drew is from Dundee, Scotland, and could not be more excited about his second visit to the Lakes International Comic Art Festival!

Drew has recently been busy preparing for DeeCon, a comic and cosplay event in Dundee which took place on 7 April. Here Drew launched Issue 1 of The Rehabilitation of Doctor Eye alongside selling t-shirts, prints and badges. Drew has been going to DeeCon since he was 3 years old, but 2018 was the first time he's had a stall.

For over a year Drew has been going to the Dundee Comics Creative Space where a group of kids create new characters and come up with fun stories. One of the things Drew and the others enjoy is the freedom to draw whatever they like. DeeCon has been a good preparation for Drew's visit to Kendal in October and he may even have another character by then.

When Drew really likes an idea and comes up with a story, he looks forward to posting it on his Gold Lion Comics website

Drew has also created a song list for his comics, since he enjoys listening to music when he draws, and you can view the song list section on the Gold Lion Comics website. Drew is very excited to be invited to the Lake District for the Lakes International Comic Art Festival this October and is really looking forward to meeting other comic book writers and artists.

Drew Marr Online

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