Ethan was raised Mormon and ‘served’ a full-time mission for the Mormon church for 2 years in Greece when he was 20.

He learnt to speak Greek and learnt that no matter how desperately you want others to listen to you and change their lives and join your church so that you can validate your own world view, people just aren’t that interested in religion, especially other people’s weird ones.

That’s why he made the brilliant, brilliant and totally economically viable decision to basically write loads of comics about Mormonism.

Ethan thinks that his experience with a (don’t-you-dare-call-it-a-) cult like religion is both inherently weird and foreign to the average comics reader and yet really mundane, typical and relatable… Hopefully in an interesting way?

He writes and draws fictional comics about the doubters, the zealots (they are usually the same people) and Jesus. Mormon Jesus. He’s the same as any Christian Jesus basically. But don’t say that to a Baptist, you’ll never hear the end of it.

So yeah, an excessive amount of comics about a very small, fringe Christian denomination. Might wanna diversify right? Probably one day, but for now, Mormonism is just too interesting. It’s like a microcosm of the struggle with doubt of and faith in any belief system, or non-belief system for that matter.

Is there a God? Is there any hope? Are we all just hurtling towards the grave at an unfathomable and alarming pace with nothing but an eternal dial tone waiting for us on the other side? Kinda seems like the most likely case to me nowadays so on that note, I should probably stop trying to be funny and go and make some comics with the time I’ve got.

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