Gustavo Vargas

Gustavo Vargas is a Peruvian illustrator & comic artist based in the UK.

Gustavo was born and raised in Lima, Peru.

When he finished school he studied Fine Arts. After more than 10 years working as an illustrator, designer and animator he visited Europe for the first time.

Visiting Paris’ Bande-Desinée shops and Belgium’s Comic Museum got him straight back on board with his forgotten passion for making comics.

Following that he started making science fiction online comics with a Peruvian co-writer.

They published the science fiction/fantasy short story La Cabeza Clava (The Carved Head) and 3 issues of science fiction online comics El Hoyo Negro (The Black Hole) (2013-2015).

Along with creator Gino Palomino they self-published the short stories comic anthology TacuTinta (2014).

He also created two science fiction short stories for Peruvian Comic Magazine Carboncito (2015-2016) and did sequential art for science fiction/fantasy In Planet Stereo comic project (2015).

In 2016 Gustavo moved to England and found a big and fascinating Comic Community in the UK and decided to pursue breaking into comics.

That same year he started working for Independent Publishers and the very next year started self-publishing comics.

During his time in the UK he has done sequential art for a Western short story in Western Noir Tales (2017) and Fantasy/Science Fiction Graphic Novel Boy Abducted By Aliens Returns (2019) by Accent UK. Science fiction short stories for Time to Let Go (2016) and A Hundred Hurts (2017) by Future Quake Press. Fantasy short story Cycadian Rhythms (2018) by Madius Comics. Short horror story for The Orakh (2018) for a horror anthology book by Time Bomb Scare Press.

Gustavo has also self-published two science fiction/cyberpunk books Trujill0 (2017) and L1MA (2018) with good reception by independent comic reviewers.

At the moment he's working on the science fiction/cyberpunk project Altiplano and two more projects with independent publishers to be released by 2019-2020.

Gustavo Vargas Online

Twitter: @GustaffoVargas
Instagram: @gustaffovargastataje