Katie Whittle Illustration

Katie Whittle is an illustrator with a background in Philosophy and Art.

Katie primarily produces illustrations with themes exploring death and nature, her artworks are hugely influenced by philosophy, biology and the occult.

She often trys to portray subjects in a way that surprises the audience or makes the viewer see the subject in a new light. To do this she uses unusual colour palettes and compositions.

Her prints are usually high quality digital works, but for the last year she has been experimenting with Risograph printing which she feels really suits her work.

As well as prints Katie also produces comics and zines, usually around nature or issues she wants to explore.

In 2018 she kickstarted her Pidgeonary, a pigeon appreciation zine to great success.

She is currently working on other nature-related zines and comics. As well as her solo work at Katie Whittle Illustration she also co-founded a comics publisher called Frisson Comics who she frequently creates horror comics with.

Katie Whittle Online

Web: katskivhittlkov.com
Instagram: @katiewhittleillustrates