Mack Chater

Mack Chater is an Eisner-nominated comic book artist and co-creator of Sword Daughter for Dark Horse.

Mack has worked in the games industry for the last 20 years and has had the opportunity to work on many titles in many art related departments.

He started as a 2D animator and then moved into Front End/UI design (having studied graphic Design at College), soon moving into 3D and environments, becoming an environment artist/lead artist.

After working as a VFX artist for three years, he took a chance and changed companies. Initially he was hired as an illustrator, but soon moved into concepting/art direction to become an art director for the last three years of his games-related career, before getting the chance of a lifetime to be a full-time comic book artist.

Mack Chater Online

Twitter: @mackchater
Instagram: @thedrawist