Matt Smith! (Smith vs Smith)

Matt Smith is a Canadian/British cartoonist, comics educator and podcaster.

He has lived all over the world but currently lives in Paisley, Scotland, with his wife, son and two cats.

He is best known for his autobiographical “Smith vs Smith” series, but he also teams up with artists from around the world for his “Gruesome Comics” horror series.

Matt’s comics have been published in “Sliced Quarterly,” Frisson Comics’ “Knock Knock” collections and Alterna Comics’ “IF” horror Anthology.

Matt was a guest at LICAF 2021 where he ran an interactive workshop on “Drawing Time in Comics” and participated in a panel discussion with other autobiographical cartoonists on how “Drawing Myself Changed My Life”.

LICAF 2021 was also where Matt debuted his first full-length graphic novel, “You’re Stuck With Me Now”, the true story of how Matt met his Scottish wife while they were both teaching in Kuwait. It’s a clash of cultures and personalities, with plenty of cat content.

Additionally, Matt has visited over 40 schools across 5 continents to run interactive, comics-making lessons based on his interactive instructional series, “Let’s Draw Some Comics!”

Matt Smith Online

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