Myriad Editions is an independent publisher based in Brighton.

Since 2005 they have developed a distinctive style of publishing original fiction, graphic novels and feminist nonfiction.

Myriad’s graphic novel list brings together a distinctive and diverse selection of unconventional viewpoints, controversial opinions, new voices and new ways of seeing.

Their biennial First Graphic Novel Competition, supported by LICAF, has helped to spearhead the careers of several debut authors.

This year they are proud to feature new debut graphic novels by Zara Slattery (COMA), Florian Grosset (THE CHAGOS BETRAYAL), Sabba Khan (THE ROLES WE PLAY) and Majid Adin (HAMID & SHAKESPEARE), and a fifth book by Darryl Cunningham: PUTIN AND RUSSIA: The Rise of a Dictator.

They’re also delighted to feature their 2020 authors: Carol Isaacs, Hannah Eaton and the winner of the 2018 First Graphic Novel Competition, Jenny Robins,

Other artists they publish include Gareth Brookes, Una, Nicola Streeten, Paula Knight, Woodrow Phoenix, Ian Williams, Kate Evans, Nye Wright, Kate Charlesworth, Henny Beaumont, Sarah Lightman, Ottilie Hainsworth and Will Volley.

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