Olivia Sullivan (ZEB.KO)

Olivia Sullivan is an illustrator and comic artist from the South-East of England.

Her practice is based on surreal and abstract comics with themes of psychogeography and poetry.

Olivia tabled at LICAF last year with comics such as ESCAPADES (nominated for a Broken Frontier Award in 2020).

Andy Oliver (Broken Frontier’s Editor-in-Chief) mentioned in his review:

“her importance as one of the contemporary pioneers of the UK indie comics scene should not go unrecognised.”

Her zine SYSTEMS was used to demonstrate a quote regarding her role in comics as “A true pioneer of experimental comics” by ELCAF on their social media pages.

She has participated in anthologies such as CBK Comics in Sweden, Colossive Cartographies and The Good Comics Reader.

Last year, Olivia was a selected as artist for the ELCAF Haul and was commissioned to create a risograph comic.

In 2019, she was shortlisted for the World Illustration Awards for the experimental category where she exhibited her installation Old North Isle Rocks, which was an ode to her connection to Cumbria.

She has been an artist in residence in Tokyo (AIR 3331) and exhibited an open studio of her multi-modal comic processes.

In 2018, Olivia graduated from the Royal College of Art with a Master’s in Information Experience Design where she has been a past guest lecturer.

Olivia Sullivan (ZEB.KO) Online

Web: oliviasullivanillustration.co.uk
Twitter: @zeb_ko
Instagram: @zeb.ko