Aritra Sarkar

Aritra Sarkar, philosopher and technologist, is leading two lives.

In the first, he's CEO of Wedoria Technologies, a Kolkata-based digital startup ( The company's mission is to shape a barrier-free world where people can actually lead the lives they've always dreamed of. Its first product, MeVero, is a digital platform that enables people to discover their purpose in life.

Aritra's second life is that of a writer. He has just published 'Goliath of Shenzhen,' a cautionary tale set in contemporary China exploring the limits of freedom. This is the world's first dual-facing novel--told in both visual and prose formats. Where you can choose your reading experience.

He is a passionate advocate of a borderless world where humanity is united as one family and the barriers of nationality, class, race etc. fade away.

He also champions 'absolute freedom', a state of life without any externally-imposed constraints.


'Goliath of Shenzhen' is set primarily in HanX, a fictional village located in the outskirts of present-day Shenzhen, China's industrial heartland. Government excesses over the years has transformed the village from an idyllic, rural community into a sleaze den for fat cats.

Now, even this unholy compromise is threatened when the government decides to evict the villagers and expand a junkyard for auto companies.

With their homes and survival at stake, the villagers, led by five brilliant youngsters build a militarised robot out of junk auto parts to stage an audacious stand-off against the mighty Chinese army.

Goliath of Shenzhen' explores the possibility of freedom in contemporary China.

In a nation that has undergone gut-wrenching changes from state-sponsored development, it raises the question, "What is the right path to change?"

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