Kevin Eric Raymundo

Kevin Eric Raymundo is an animation director & comic artist who worked on animated shows like, “My Little Pony,” “Curious George,” “Tom & Jerry,” “Eliot Kid,” & “George of the Jungle”.

He is known for his hit webcomic, “Tarantadong Kalbo” (Shamelessly-Foolish-Disrespectful Baldy), that started as the daily life of a young couple, but became a biting mirror on the stumbling government policies during the pandemic.

Through the brightly coloured and well-controlled art, the webcomics sharply showed the inequality of the rich and powerful, against the poor and working class, and the inconsistencies and lies that came with official statements, that were infuriating and comedic at the same time.

In 2021 Kevin created 'Wild Wild West Philippine Sea' for the Ten Years to Save the World project, supported by the British Council. In partnership with LICAF in the UK and Komiket in the Philippines, Ten Years to Save the World was part of a number of creative commissions in response to climate change and COP26.

Kevin Eric Raymundo / Tarantadong Kalbo Online

Instagram: @tarantadongkalbo
Twitter: @KevinKalbo
Facebook: @tarantadongkalbo