Lucie Lomová

Lucie is a Czech comic book author, illustrator and artist.

The first comics discipline Lucie Lomová pitted her strength against was a serialized cartoon series for children and young adults which took her to the pinnacle of her craft: the exciting and poetic series about two mouse friends, Annie and Joey, was published throughout the 1990s and totals five dozen episodes.

The stories from the charming world of Eartown and its immediate surroundings have been published as collected volumes, translated into Spanish and Catalan, adapted for theatre as well as television, and represent one of the most beloved Czech children’s comics of recent decades.

However, after 2000 the author began to turn her attention towards adult readers.

She came up with adaptations of national fairy tales, which have been published in many different languages, and in her subsequent comic books she narrates historical, detective and everyday stories, often set at least partly in the world of the theatre (which Lomová got to know well during her dramaturgy studies).

The graphic novel Savages (2011), constructed around the memoirs of the Czech adventurer Alberto Vojtěch Frič, tells a remarkable story based on real events about how the famous explorer brought back a Chamacoco Indian named Cherwuisch from his travels around South America to Prague in 1908.

Three years of preparation and work on the graphic novel paid off in the precisely captured atmosphere of the early 20th century and the final years of pre-war Austria-Hungary, and in a convincing, sophisticated, full-colour presentation over 150 pages.

By presenting the various amusing and unsettling trials and tribulations of this disparate pair, the work thematizes issues of ethnocentrism, otherness, the (apparent) opposites of “civilization” and “savagery”, as well as the possibilities and limits of inter-cultural understanding.

She was the recipient of the Muriel comics award in 2011 (best original screenplay and best original Czech comic for the graphic novel Divoši [Savages]) and in 2007 (best original book Anna chce skočit [Anna Wants to Jump]).

It was very well received and has also been published in French and Polish.

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