Mai Koraiem

Born in Alexandria in 1980 and graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting Department (2013), Mai started her comic artist career in 2015 by publishing her first graphic novel entitled "When Gods Gave up on Cavafy".

"When Gods Gave up on Cavafy" was chosen as one of the best three graphic novels at the Cairo Comix Festival in 2017.

Mai also won the Best Short Story Award for “Pour in Femme” at Cairo Comix Festival in 2017.

In 2018 Mai published a children’s book and another educational book with Aphorisma Publishing House in Berlin.

In 2020, she published her second graphic novel entitled Case 43 Labban published by Kotobna Publishing House; which won at the Mahmoud Kahil Award 2021 for Best Graphic Novel in the Middle East.

Mai published new two comic book in 2022 entitled "West Bank" and "The City’s Key".

Mai Koraiem Online

Instagram: @mai_koraiem