Milena Huhta

A Finnish-Polish artist with macabre inclinations, based in Helsinki.

Working on everything from record and book covers to editorial illustrations to tattooing, Milena incorporates a wide range of inspiration into her multidisciplinary work.

Some of those include 1990's Japanese manga and animation, sci-fi films and literature, contemporary and historical fashion, gothic subculture, Slavic and Asian folktales and many more.

Milena weaves a pastel-coloured web of dreamy landscapes filled with conflicted and melancholy characters.

With her work including both the magical and the mundane, she strives to tear down the thin veil between dreams and reality, making her illustrations a vessel of escapism.

More often than not, her female characters also channel a strong sexuality with a fetishistic flair.

Milena tries to portray the many layers of female identity, from vulnerability to monstrous energy, manifesting in the characters' metamorphic states.

In her most recent collaborative project 'Thaumaturgy', with photographer Diana Luganski, Milena transformed models posing against a dark background into omnipotent characters from Russian mythology, like the witch Baba Yaga or the prophetic bird Gamayun.

Milena Huhta Online

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