Oliver East

Oliver East is an illustrator, public artist and lecturer.

As a dyslexic with attention deficit disorder, Oliver East is forever looking for ways to better myself outside of a classroom or library setting, and quickly. He’s created many long walks with arbitrarily imposed restrictions for himself to set out on whilst he figures this out. “These walks have acted as research for my practice for many years,” he says.

“Frustrated at a lack of opportunities to exhibit, Oliver put his ideas down into self-published books and began life as an illustrator. 

“I’m interested in exploring walking as a creative act and how one might create knowledge from this. I seek out situations that might put myself or a project at risk of total failure and then create work telling you how badly that went. This has mainly been in comic books and illustrations but has expanded over the years to include animation, sculpture and architecture.”

Oliver East Online

Web: olivereast.art
Twitter: @olivereast
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