Tobias Schalken

Tobias Schalken (1972, The Netherlands) is an artist who devotes most of his time to building enigmatic sculptural installations and drawing ambiguous images.

He is co-creator of the highly acclaimed, experimental fine-art comic book series Eiland, published by Bries, later by Fremok.

The wordless miracle play Balthazar was published by Les Éditions de la Cerise. The heart of the matter, a monograph that collects a selection of short comics, sculptures and installations, drawings and paintings, was published by d’Jonge hond.

His short stories appeared in a wide variety of anthologies.

‘Eldorado’, his new book wherein comics, paintings and drawings are weaved into a larger narrative, was published by Oogachtend and appeared in the summer of 2018.

"Generally speaking I am not very interested in developing a style or a method, a fixed approach whatsoever. I try to let ideas become what they want, hinder them with prepossession as little as I can."

Schalken lives and works in s-Hertogenbosch.

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