The Art of Creation – Live Draw

Saturday, 16 October, 2021 - 11:45
Is there anything more mesmerising and revealing than watching great artists do their thing before your very eyes? Live drawing has always been one of the cornerstones of our festival, and this year is no exception!

Celestia cover artwork by Manuele Fior

Artwork from Le bleu est une couleur chaude by Jul Maroh

Artwork from The Gaeneviad by Boulet

Artwork by Lucie Lomová

Saturday 16 October
11.45am - 12.45pm
Theatre, Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal

In this session we will watch four of our top European guests at work…

>> Manuele Fior (Italy) – In his books he has used watercolour, charcoal, pen & ink… but somehow creates the most intense emotion with the simplest lines.

>> Jul Maroh (France) – Multidisciplinary nomadic artist and transfeminist activist, Jul Maroh tells stories about modern intimacy and its political effects. They are most famous as the creator of Blue is the Warmest Colour, later adapted into the Palme d’Or-winning movie. An inspiration.

>> Boulet (France) – Boulet is a legend in his home country and increasingly here too. One of LICAF’s patrons, he has more than 25 published books to his name, loves single malt whisky and French fries, and hates people who say ‘in my humble opinion’.

>> Lucie Lomová (Czech Republic) – Lucie made her name with her poetic series about two mouse friends, Annie and Joey, which was published throughout the 1990s. The stories have been published as collected volumes, translated into Spanish and Catalan, adapted for theatre as well as television, and represent one of the most beloved Czech children’s comics of recent decades. However, after 2000 Lucie began to turn her attention towards adult readers with adaptations of national fairy tales, which have been published in many different languages, and in her subsequent comic books she narrates historical, detective and everyday stories.

Hosted by Alex Fitch

Boulet and Jul Maroh's participation in LICAF celebrates our long and fruitful partnership with Lyon BD, one of Europe's best and most innovative comic art festivals.

In partnership with Institut français du Royaume-Uni and the Czech Literary Centre.

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