The Wonderful World of Comics

Sunday, October 13, 2019 - 10:30
Celebrating the comics scenes of countries as diverse as Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Congo, Quebec, Spain and Australia.

Artwork from 'Between Two Sounds' by Joonas Sildre

Artwork by Elyon’s

Do Monsters Brush Their Teeth artwork by Árni Beck Gunnarsson

Artwork by Lars Jakobsen

Artwork from 'Mind of Love' by Bruce Mutard

Panel discussion
Sunday 13 October, 10.30-11.30
BAC Screen One

Creators and festival directors, including Elyon’s, Árni Beck Gunnarsson, Lars Jakobsen, Joonas Sildre, Bruce Mutard, Thomas-Louis Cote and David Rubin, meet on stage for the first time to discuss their work and current trends in their respective comics industries.

Offering a fascinating insight into less well-known comics-producing countries Alex Fitch takes you on whistle-stop tour, which will both surprise and delight.

In partnership with Quebec BD, Danish Arts Foundation, Embassy of Estonia, London and Embassy of Spain, London.