Comics Can Change the World

Throughout the year LICAF delivers a wide range of projects using comics to achieve positive change, delivering projects in our local community, across our region and country and with partners internationally.

Our Comic Potential project, supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, aims to support learning outcomes for pupils. You can find out more about LICAF Comic Potential on the link below.

We believe that Comics Can Change the World!

We're also delighted to be involved with a number of comic art anthologies in response to the climate crisis, as we believe comics have the potential to help raise awareness of threats to our planet!

Find out more about Climate Comics on the links below!

Climate Comics at the Qatar UK Festival 2023

LICAF and The British Council worked in partnership at the Qatar UK Festival 2023 to introduce climate comics and creative concepts, on a theme of Sustainability and Communities, to youngsters and families in Qatar.

From Ink to Action

The Lakes International Comic Art Festival and British Council MENA are thrilled to unveil an exciting new project merging art and environmental consciousness - From Ink to Action! 12 talented artists from the MENA region have been commissioned to create comic art that raise awareness of the threats to our planet and inspire action towards building a sustainable future.

10 Years to Save the World

Ten Years to Save the World is a British Council supported project. In partnership with Komiket in the Philippines, the project showcases 10 climate emergency comics from 10 leading comic creators from the Philippines and the UK.

Comic Potential

LICAF is delivering projects in our local community, across our region and country and with partners internationally. We continue to explore how comics can galvanise efforts to address the climate emergency, how they can play a significant role in education - from primary schools to higher education - and much more.

CONSTRAIN Climate Comics

Led by the University of Leeds & funded by the EU Horizon 2020 programme, CONSTRAIN Climate Comics brings the worlds of research, science and comics together to deliver a powerful message about climate change. Featuring leading comic creators Darryl Cunningham, War & Peas and Sayra Begum.