Covid 19

LICAF Health and Safety arrangements for the management of the risks associated with Covid 19.

The following advice is based upon the UK Government guidelines for ‘Events and Attractions’ (17th September 2021), and SAGE publications (10th September 2021)

Any person experiencing the following symptoms should conduct a Covid Test prior to attending the Festival:

>> A high temperature / fever
>> A new cough or sore throat
>> A change in sense of taste or smell
>> Fatigue / myalgia
>> Respiratory symptoms
>> Confusion / dizziness / headaches

The test should be taken with sufficient time to receive the results prior to travelling to the Festival.

You should not attend the Festival if you have any of these symptoms and have not conducted a Covid 19 test.

Lateral Flow Device Tests (LFD) give an immediate response, and a positive result should be followed up with a confirmatory PCR test.

Should you develop symptoms whilst attending the Festival, we will have LFD tests available at key locations for you to use, and we request that you wear a face covering and avoid crowded places until you have a negative test result. If you have a positive LFD test result you will be able to get a confirmatory PCR Test at a local test centre in Kendal.

Under the current Government guidelines the wearing of face coverings is a personal choice.  We ask all Festival attendees to accept this and to be tolerant of this very individual decision.

All of the venues that will be used by the Festival have either good natural ventilation and/or air conditioning and air handling in place. Festival volunteers and venue staff have been asked to ensure that ventilation is maximised, and to manage the numbers of festival guests in non-seated venues to avoid overcrowding.

Personal hygiene and behaviours continue to be one of the most effective ways to reduce the spread of all viruses and bacteria, we would politely ask that you wash your hands regularly whilst attending the Festival, in public toilets etc. and only handle merchandise with clean hands.

Hand sanitising gel will also be available at key locations.

The ‘Catch it, Bin it, Kill it’ approach should be used with coughs and sneezes.