Charlie Adlard

Charlie has been a “veteran” of the comic industry for over 25 years and was the UK’s Comics Laureate 2017-2019 – no more need be said!

He’s spent the majority of his time since 2003 working on The Walking Dead, which finished in 2019, and has received many industry awards for his work on the series culminating in winning the Sergio Aragonés International Award for Excellence in Comic Art in 2019.

In his time as a cartoonist he has worked on many other projects as far reaching as Mars Attacks, the X-Files, Judge Dredd, Savage, Batman, X-Men, Superman etc and creator-owned projects closer to his heart like Astronauts In Trouble, Breath Of The Wendigo, Codeflesh, Rock Bottom, Vampire State Building, and White Death.


Twitter: @CharlieAdlard
Instagram: @charlie_adlard