Junko Mizuno

Having grown up in Tokyo, Junko Mizuno, who created the art for our 2019 Festival poster, is a self-taught artist recognised for her unique visual iconography of powerful and often sexy women.

Junko Mizuno artwork for LICAF 2019

Although her art refuses to be categorised, much of it is based on Japanese pop culture from the 1970s and '80s with the sources of her inspiration stemming from fetish art, folk art, religious art, psychedelic art, pin-up art, advertising art, vintage toys, fashion, comic, food, nature, movies, TV shows, video games… almost everything that surrounds her.

Currently residing in San Francisco, she is constantly working on new comics, paintings, illustrations, and product designs ranging from toy figures to t-shirts. Her work has been featured in stores, museums, and fine art galleries around the world.

Motivated by the pure pleasure of creating art, she celebrates the power of women and creates a universe of them, full of energy, both positive and negative.

Junko Mizuno online

Web: www.mizuno-junko.com
Twitter: @Junko_Mizuno
Instagram: @junko_mizuno_art