Matthew Dooley

Matthew Dooley won the Observer Graphic Short Story Prize and his debut FLAKE, published by Cape in 2020, went on to win the Wodehouse Bollinger Prize, the first time for a graphic novel. It was also a Guardian Book of the Year.

In the small seaside town of Dobbiston, Howard sells ice creams from his van, just like his father before him. But when he notices a downturn in trade, he soon realises its cause: Tony Augustus, Howard’s half-brother, whose ice-cream empire is expanding all over the North-West…

Flake, Matthew Dooley’s debut graphic novel, tells of how this epic battle turns out, a tale of a skirmish in the ice-cream wars that is worthy of Alan Bennett; and how Howard, helped by the Dobbiston Mountain Rescue team, overcomes every obstacle and triumphs in the end.

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The Observer: Dear dairy: one graphic novelist’s fixation with the world of ice-cream vans