Nina Six

Writer and artist Nina Six narrative practice is intimate, personal and based on childhood memories

Nina Six is a comic strip author and illustrator, born in France in 1998, who has lived in Belgium for the last ten years. She is the author of Les Pissenlits (2022) and La Mousse (2024), published by Sarbacane. She illustrated the novel Alfred et les enfants oubliés (2023). published by Milan and the children's album Monsieur Bigounia (2024) published by Sarbacane. She is currently working on a comic book retracing the life and work of English author Stella Benson (1892-1933), to be published in 2025.

Nina is currently working on the graphic adaptation of the life of the English author Stella Benson (1892-1933) and her novel, Living Alone, (1919).  Benson was a writer closely associated with Virginia Woolf, but unfortunately fell into obscurity after the war, who wrotes about the condition of women at the beginning of the 20th century, war and her travels. She was also a great poet and had an infinite love for dogs. 

Nina’s aim is to reintroduce her writing through the medium of comics.


Sarbacane – Nina Six