4 Panel Comic Challenge!

Little LICAF

Little LICAF have created another amazing new comic challenge for youngsters!

This year’s theme is ENVIRONMENT!

We have a brand new specially commissioned comic by Clarice Tudor to set the scene and inspire - we can’t wait to see what you come up with.

For the academic year 2021/22 Little LICAF have created a brand new resource to inspire youngsters, families with children and educators.

As part of our passion for getting comics into the classroom we have designed a 4 panel comic challenge, inspired by the theme ENVIRONMENT!

Please share your comics with us at

We would love to see your designs, it is always our pleasure to celebrate young artists’ creations.

There is no deadline! So fit this activity in alongside your learning this year in any subject, be it Art, English, Biology, Geography…

Each school term we will look forward to sharing youngsters’ comic concepts online.

All the details and instructions are included in the pdf below, just download and take a creative leap to become a comic artist for the next generation.


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About the 4 Panel Comic Challenge!

Please download the PDF below with >> 'Information and Instructions for Educators and Pupils'

Little LICAF would like youngsters to design a four panel comic inspired by the theme ENVIRONMENT.

The topic of ENVIRONMENT can be interpreted in whatever way you would like. Think about what you have recently been studying in school to help you with ideas.

Little LICAF are proud to present this challenge in collaboration with Rewriting Extinction

Discover many more inspirational stories to save the world by delving into the diverse mix of comic storytelling on the Rewriting Extinction website.