Infinity and Beyond

Infinity and Beyond

In association with SouthernGFX... A special section of our online festival devoted to how technology is pushing the boundaries of comics.

These short videos and how-tos will be especially helpful if you’re looking for a career in digital creation.

Topics covered include Virtual Reality comics, making characters in VR, laying out scenes and environments, and creating digital comics.

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Bay Raitt Interview

Bay is a huge talent in the creative industry with a background that covers comics, 3D Modeling, concept art, coding and much much more. He started his career with Steve Oliff at Olyoptics and is best known for his facial work on Gollum in Lord of the rings.

We asked Bay a whole heap of questions about his thoughts on the future of comics.

André Bergs Interview

André has a particular passion for visual storytelling and creating new experiences that are on the meeting point of art and technology. He created a Digital Comic called Protanopia and then with his company Plastiek he created RRRR!

We interviewed Andre to chat about comics and more!


Glen Southern runs SouthernGFX, a small Cheshire based studio specialising in character and creature design with clients including SKY, Roald Dahl, Mackinnon and Saunders, Nike, Sainsbury’s, Adidas, Netflix, Screen Scene, Disney, Lego, Pixologic, Wacom. He's been using and training ZBrush (The leading digital sculpting program) in the UK for over 15 years and is a Wacom Ambassador for the UK and Ireland. More recently he has been creating in the VR space working with companies like Oculus Medium and now Gravity Sketch in the UK.

Glen and his team spilt their time between client projects, training for both corporate clients and in college and universities around the UK and presenting cutting edge digital tools at events.