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Designed especially for kids (12 and under) and families – a wonderland of workshops, downloads, tutorials, readings and more…

So go grab a pencil and paper!

Other artists may use computers, or drawing tablets, but just grab whatever creative materials are to hand and give it a go.

Special thanks to Beano, Chie Kutsuwada, Inko, Joe Wos, Kev F Sutherland, Marc Jackson, Metaphrog, Sarah McIntyre, Stephen Holland and Tanya Roberts!

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Little LICAF with… Inko

Find out how to draw a chibi cat and chibi dog and much more with Manga artist Inko Ai Takita!

Little LICAF with… Chie

Join Chie to draw faces, eyes, hair and more... all in Manga style!

Little LICAF with… Metaphrog

Enjoy a comic art storytime with Metaphrog’s reading of Bluebeard – A Feminist Fairy Tale.

Little LICAF with… Tanya Roberts

Discover how to draw good guys and bad guys with Tanya Roberts

Little LICAF with… Marc Jackson

Get inspired and enjoy some unmissable fun and creativity with comic art tour de force Marc Jackson!

Little LICAF with… Sarah McIntyre

Sarah McIntyre invites you to channel your inner comic artist (and unicorn!) with two fantastic workshops!

Little LICAF with… Beano

Want to gain an insight into the history of the BEANO?

Join John Anderson, the BEANO editor, as he holds back the curtains to show today’s readers how the magic comes to life.

Little LICAF with… Stephen Holland

Join us for three unmissable book readings with Stephen Holland, from Page 45, as he takes us on a journey through the eclectic medium of comics.

Little LICAF with… Kev F Sutherland

Join Kev F Sutherland for his comic masterclass, and a whistle-stop tour of top tips for comic enthusiasts.

Little LICAF with… Jon Mason

If you wanted to make a story, where would you find one? What does it look like, how does it work, and how would you know it when you saw it?

Join Jon Mason on the trail of a good yarn, in this combination of storytelling and instruction manual, complete with folktales, monsters, lasers and edge-of-your seat adventure.

Little LICAF with… Steve McGarry

Steve McGarry has inspired our Biographic Competition, running throughout this academic year.

Here’s something different - his animated sketch of someone you might recognise...

Little LICAF with… Joe Wos

Join Mazetoons maestro Joe Wos for two fun drawing workshops with stories, jokes, crazy characters and, of course, mazes!