Making a Mark with Little LICAF’s Silent Comic Challenge

Little LICAF

Discover Little LICAF's Free Teaching Resource for 2022/23!

LITTLE LICAF, part of the Lakes International Comic Art Festival, offers comic-related content specifically for youngsters.

As part of our year-round provision, we are proud to share our FREE teaching resource for 2022/23.

Our theme for this task draws on various comic elements, including silent storytelling and mindful mark-making.

This year our comic challenge invites youngsters to develop their creative drawing process of mark-making, and explore the concept of narrative, by telling a story without using words.

Little LICAF have created this resource to engage youngsters, families with children and educators, as part of our passion for getting comics into the classroom.

This new activity is inspired by a wonderful silent picture book by Peter van den Ende, The Wanderer.

Download the Free 'Making a Mark' Teaching resource below

Artwork from The Wanderer by Peter van den Ende