How Comics have a positive impact in the classroom

The final artist workshops for our two year research project looking at how Comics have a positive impact in the classroom took place last week. George Hastwell School, in Barrow, and Sandgate, in Kendal, were visited by Alastair Fleming for an incredible session demonstrating how Comics can be used in the wider world.

Alaistair is a self employed model maker, juggler and hobbyist who's been building and painting models for around 10 years and love designing and scratch-building creatures, characters and props.

Looking at instructional comics - with examples including everything from Lego, IKEA flatpack instructions to road sign - Pupils were able to create their own instructional comics following juggling and circus workshop skills sessions.

Whoever knew there was such a relevant crossover between plate spinning and creating comics!

Making Flip books filled the afternoon - which really demonstrated the skill pupils had in creating simple yet striking visual animation. 

Thank you Alastair, for such a great session! 

The outcomes were confident and visually fluent - we can’t wait to share the overall outcomes of Comic Potential later this year. 

More about Comic Potential on our web site here

Alaistair Fleming aka Vague Monkey is online at