Lakes International Comic Art Festival Podcast: Blues Harvest!

The latest episode of the Lakes International Comic Art Festival Podcast features a great chat with the band Blues Harvest who will be playing at the festival this year. The podcast team talk to Nick, Andy and Jess and discuss Nicks comic work, Andy’s Pop Up Puppet theatre, what the band is all about and find out which band member knows the most about Star Wars. Don't miss one of their numbers, either - "Obi Wan Kenobi"!

Reviewed are Gill Hatcher's The Beginners Guide to Being Outside and the football book Preston North End: The Rise of the Invincibles by Michael Barrett, who will be at the Festival (And there's a look at the film "Sharknado 5"… as it's so so bad).

Mike offers a "League of Extraordinary Gentleman" 101 and Pete has a general ramble on his work and writing a comic.

Listen to the episode here on the Podcast web site