Comic Art Europe

Comic Art Europe is an international pilot project bringing together four European organisations promoting and championing the power of Comics and Graphic Novels.

The project is led by Lyon BD Festival and includes a higher education establishment (Joso Comics School in Spain), a museum (the Belgian Comic Strip Center) as well as the Lakes International Comic Art Festival.

Comic Art Europe aims to strengthen the comic book sector in Europe by experimenting with collaborative working methods.

It promotes the transnational mobility of artworks, workers and creators and prefigures a European comics community capable of positioning creators and organisations at a European level, challenging the historical dominance of the American and Japanese giants.

The project will include professional training (summer camps and residencies), creative assistance (grants), dissemination of results in Europe and outside Europe (European comic book catalogue, large-scale dissemination channels) and research about the transformational power of comics (in particular through literacy workshops with comics).

This project, supported by the European Commission, runs until 31st December 2023. Both EU and UK creators can apply to be involved.

For more information and the application form, please visit the website. The deadline for applications is 10th February 2021