LICAF Commissions 2019

LICAF has become a regular and well-respected commissioner and co-commissioner of new work and even publishes its own titles.

Life drawing by Charlie Adlard

LVDD artwork by Elyon's

Artwork from 'Barking' by Lucy Sullivan

Artwork from ‘Godzilla vs The Fatberg’ by Edward Taylor

Artwork from ‘Mad with Joy’ by Joris Vermassen

In 2019 the Lakes International Comic Art Festival has collaborated with the following creators and publishers:

> Charlie Adlard – ‘Life’.

> Luke McGarry – The Story of Belgian Beer.

> Elyon’s – ‘The Diary of Ébène Duta’ (first time in English).

> Edward Taylor – ‘Godzilla vs The Fatberg’.

> Unbound and Lucy Sullivan ‘Barking’ as co-commissioners.

> Myriad Editions First Graphic Novel Competition as sponsors.

> Joris Vermassen launches ‘Mad with Joy’ as part of LICAF’s Belgian focus in partnership with Flanders Literature and Fanfare UK.

The Lakes International Comic Art Festival generally solicits work, but is also open to ideas and proposals at any time - if you have any comic art concepts that you would like to share - these can be sent to Julie.

'Barking' by Lucy Sullivan

'LVDD - La vie d'Ebène Duta - Tome 1' by Elyon's