Bobby Joseph

Bobby Joseph is a writer, publisher and the first UK Comics Laureate of colour

Bobby is an acclaimed comic writer, artist, tutor and editor whose work has often challenged and inspired its readers. His early work includes the creation of Skank magazine, where his best-known strip, 'Scotland Yardie', first featured, and was later published by Knockabout Press.

Bobby has written for The Guardian newspaper, Dazed and Confused and His comic work was a prominent feature at the Anarchy in the UK comic exhibition at the British Library in 2015 and was seen by over 60,000 visitors. He is also a vocal advocate for diversity and BAME representation in comic books and is credited on the BBC website as instrumental in featuring some of the “first comics by black creators featuring black characters.”

Scotland Yardie, published by Knockabout Comics in 2017, was the first BAME graphic novel to be studied as a module on an English Literature MA course at King’s College, London.

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